Oh No – I Saw My Mom Having Sex With My Uncle

H i to all! This story would be best you could ever read. This story is absolutely real but I cannot reveal my identity. We live in Bangalore Well I am 21 years old boy I am s/w engineer and recently completed my engineering. In my family there is my papa, mom, me and my uncle that is papa younger brother Papa is a manager in mnc and he always lives on tour. My mom is a house wife. My uncle work in a local company in Bangalore. This incident happened when I was 13 and was in 8th std my papa was on tour as usual one night as usual after watching TV I slept it was around 1:00 pm when I suddenly woke up my uncle was not on his bed I thought he must have gone to do pee but as he dint return for 10 minutes I taught to go in my mothers bedroom to sleep. But I found my mom’s bedroom closed so I thought she might be sleeping when I was just about to move from there I heard some sound from my mom’s bed room. When I went near the door and peeped inside I was totally shocked and bewildered to see that my uncle was sitting on the bed and mom was not there in the picture. Then suddenly she came out of the attached bathroom. She was wearing nice saree and was looking beautiful as my mom came out she smiled at him. He holds my mom’s palm and started kissing it. I was really out of this world and couldn’t believe what the hell they were talking about. So I made my self comfortable and keep on looking. Now my mom holds his head and started to run her fingers in his hair. And my uncle started to move his hands on mom’s buttocks as he was sitting and mom was standing. A sensation ran through my body as I saw his both hands moving round and up and down on my mom’s buttock cheeks, her saree was also moving with fingers. He now saw into mom’s eye as they both smiled and nodded.

Then mom with her both hands put his head on to her stomach and he started to kiss her skin almost sucking, mom pushed her self towards him and closed her eyes. Now he kissed the belly button and started licking it as she moaned a bit. Uncle suddenly moved his hands to mom’s hair and unclipped them they just fell till mid back of mom. He started rolling his fingers in them on head and kissed on mom’s neck and keep on each side for seconds. Now mom was moving her face accordingly and she grabbed his face near ears and planted a kiss on his lips and said: “aaj irada kya hain”? He started smooching on her lips and entered his tongue in mom replied same. He said: ” Aaj to who sab karenge jo aaj tak nahin hua.” And continued kissing. They were kissing like romantic movies. I was also becoming hard on forgetting all the sins they were committing. Now after 5 minutes he became really wild and started to kiss everywhere on face. And came lower to her neck then to her neckline right where the first hook of blouse was mom said ” ohhhhhhhh kya kar rahe ho?” He said: “pyar mere rani pyar aaj ka din tumhare liye hi hain”. And now he started to press her right breast from over the blouse as he dropped the pallu of saree aside and kissed or I should say rather smooched her left breast.

Now he switched to right breast and smooched it for a minute mom was moving her fingers on his head and closing her eyes, she must be feeling sensational. Then he moved up and kissed on her lips once again and said “Oh bhabhi tum kitni sunder our mithee ho.” as he used to call my mon bhabhi And now he started unhooking her blouse mom said ” ohhhhhhhh no don’t do that darling I love you lekin itna hi theek hain, hum pahle bhi to kapde kabhi nahin kholte the.” But not listening to her he undid all the hooks of blouse and to my surprise mom voluntarily raised her hands up to help him remove the blouse. Oh god did that feel something to me what I saw was never before experience. Mom had a bunch of hair in her arm pits but more exciting then those were the two boobs in white sexy bra those were half naked and had good amount of flesh. I could see the out line of her erect nipples and god they were hard. Now he buried his face into the cleavage of two breasts and the pressing each one and sucking another moving his fingers all over her back. Mom kept her eyes closed and kept on holding his head. And there were occasional moans from her as he bites the nipples. My god I forgot my anger with mom and kept on enjoying the seen. He again went back to her lips and kissed then he raised mom’s arms and pushed his nose into the hairy armpit of mom as if he was smelling musk. Mom was so excited. She said “oohhhhhhh I love you, I love you mere raja meri jaaan.” He said: ” me too my darling bhabhi, I love you so much.” After coming to her eye level and kissing her again softly And he suddenly unhooked the bra on the back of her.

She closed her eyes and a shiver ran through her now I thought she must have surrendered her self to him. He took the bra down through her arms which she cooperated by freeing her arms and letting them hang down. Two fair boobs of medium size and with red color aroma around erect nipples which were dark in color and ½ inch in size ohhh god you are so beautiful is umar me bhi what do you do these are so nice and erect not loose On this my mom turned on and took her head and buried her face into one nipple and started pressing the other one with one hand while one hand was in his head. He started sucking and pressing and biting those beautiful pair of boobs. Now his hands went lower on her back and grabbed the pallu of sarree and started to remove the sareee he did and threw it on the floor. Now he had hands on buttocks and mouth on nipples he grabbed her on buttock cheeks and pulled she moaned now he vigoursly moved her palms on those back cheeks and now he started to get her red petticoat up along her skin slowly. First I saw my mom’s knees from back side her beautiful legs were in site from back and she was topless already. Then came in site her thighs now I was really feeling hot and tasty. He now took his hands inside the petticoat from back as soon as he touched just below her panties mom trembled and I too looking at those nice white panties got almost faint. But I was eager to see all this as this was a real romantic seen going on before me which I never thought I would ever be fortunate to see.

Then uncle grabbed the flesh of buttocks in his fists and pulling her body, then suddenly he get off and removed his shirt and baniyan then he hugged mom with both hands on her shoulders. Mom’s shining hard breasts were pressed against his chest he kissed her on forehead and said: “I love you darling ab tumhare bina nahin raha jata. Main tumhare liye kuch bhi kar sakta hun, Mom said with a soft kiss “I love you too darling, and a long kiss on lips. Then he got his pants off and he was in his underwear now, it was a V-shaped jockey and his penis was clearly visible like a rod about 7” long. Mom smiled a bit and then uncle moved his hands to her petticoat again and this time from behind he moved her petticoat up in her front and as soon as he pulled it till waist he got his palms on her inner thighs and started to move fingers all over. Mom shivered moaned and close her eyes and move her palms over his. This seen was classic. Now he inserted his finger in side her panties and in side he rolled his fingers all over as was evident from the outline of movement of those white panties. Now probably he inserted his finger inside her **** now mom grabbed her head with her hand and moaned bit loudly “ohhhhhhhhhhh meri jaan” I was so hot seeing a hand moving inside my mom’s panties with her boobs and whole legs were so sexy.

Her boobs were moving in the air like a ball. After 5 minutes of this and he now take her hand out of panties and let the petticoat fall he now undid the naught of her petticoat and let it fall on ground and took my mom form front now and let her come out of petticoat now he again pressed his chest on her breasts and kissed again now he moved down and took her panties down with a flow of motion mom immediately took her palms on her ***** but before there was a glimpse it was full of black hair I could see the curly bushes this the first time I saw any ***** in real though I had seen on internet many times. But looking at this was a sensational experience. He then moved her hands away and said ” ab dikhao bhi ye swarg jaise duniya dekhe” and he moved down and started kissing passionately there, mom gasped and moaned. He continued I could see her pink lips and beautiful booti. Then he stood up and put her hand on his hard erected **** over his underwear mom just grabbed it and kissed him on lips and said:: “ye kya mujhe to nangi kar diya our kudh chupa rahe ho” I was stunned to listen but sexed up too. Then she moved down and took his underwear down and out. My god did he had some erection it was at least 8″ and round tip and thick with fair head. This was shining. Mom took it in hand. My mom was holding his ***** and moving up and down the with fist. He was pressing her boobs and chewing nipples.

Then he took her to bed and laid her on back and he got on top. They Kissed passionately and then he took a packet of Kamasutra condom out of his pants’ pocket. And took one out and wore one on the penis. And he put the **** on her ***** and started to move down and after few efforts he was fully in now mom put her legs around his waist though she cried a bit while he was entering later on she was fine and her hands on his back. He started to move in and out slowly, mom moved her hips upward in rhythm. My god they both were calling each others name and mom” ohhhhhhhhhhhh unhhhhhhhhhhhnh ahhhhhhhh jaanuuuuuuu” He: “ohhhhhhhh my love. This was the seen of life time for me I could not believe my traditional simple nice graceful mom having sex with my papa’s brother who use to stay with us

Now they continued for more than 10 minutes and then my mom cried “ohhhhhhhhhhh main chhhooooooooooooot rahinnnnnnnn hunnnnnnnnnn and suddenly she fell limp and stopped moving her hips meanwhile he continued to move up and down and after 5 minutes his thrust became very strong almost unmerciful he was moaning loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhhh oaaaaaaaaaaaaaa below him my mom also started to cry again “ohhhhhh phir se our jor se umeshhhhhhh” And then suddenly he came and felt on her his head was on her breasts. She also came and they both started caressing each other and kissing. They talk romantically for next 15 minutes and then he again became erect and started again to throb into her ***** there public hair were in contacts and his balls were making noise of throbbing against her buttock. After five minutes he rolled over and laid down and mom got on top sat on the **** and started move up and down her boobs were pressed by his hands she came within 4 -5 minutes and after 2 minutes started again. Then they both came felt apart. Kissed and talked. Then they rested for 10 minutes and got up played with bodies, it was 2 pm now. Then I new all was over I came back and slept at my place after 15 minutes my uncle came and slept on his bed I pretended to be fast a sleep.

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