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Anal Sex Stories Husband and Wife – Sex Stories

You pull away from our hot, hungry kiss and push out of my embrace. Still breathless from the passion of your kiss, I open my mouth to protest but you give me that certain smile and place one finger to my lips. Your fingertips trace their way down my chest, their path a blueprint for the trail of soft kisses that follows from your exquisite lips.

I close my eyes, trying to regain control of my breathing, to steel myself for what comes next but frankly it is a losing battle! I feel your hands on my ribcage, your soft hair tickling, enticing against my skin, as you bend to kiss your way lower then I shudder uncontrollably as you press your face into my abdomen and inhale deeply, drinking in my scent.

Anal Sex With Husband

Suddenly I gasp as you nip me with your teeth, pulling away but your hands on my waist coax me back as you grin up at me, laughing softly. You tug me back to your lips, kissing my booboo better before continuing your exploration of my belly with caressing fingers, soft lips and probing tongue. As if your tender ministrations were not enough, you pause occasionally to look up at me, your eyes deep, intense, leaving me in no doubt as to your mission before returning once more to my body.

You are driving me crazy, intoxicating, mesmerizing and the power excites you. Your hot, wet tongue french kisses my navel and you “accidentally” brush your breast against me, sending an electric bolt of pleasure ripping through my groin.

Delighted with my response to your sweet, feminine body you tease me mercilessly, rubbing against me repeatedly, letting my aching desire nestle briefly in your cleavage before leaning away again, making me groan out loud with disappointment. You sit back on your ankles, an impish smile curving your beautiful lips and crinkling your eyes as you watch me pant, helpless with lust for you.

I shake my head, exasperated and glare up at the heavens, silently screaming curses at the wicked wiles of women the world over. You take advantage of my momentary distraction to reach out quickly, one hand cupping me, the other grasping my length firmly while your wet, eager lips suck me deep inside your hot mouth. “Oh God!” The words escape me before I know which way is up at the incredible sensations running through me.

My hips thrust with primal passion and you accept me willingly, your tongue swirling, stroking then your hand presses… just… there! Ohhh! I moan as I feel the pulse of ecstasy, my knees giving for just an instant before I catch myself, my hands in your hair. With the last iota of will power I have left I pull away from your deepest kiss, gently but firmly holding you at arms length by your hair…”Damn, woman, slow down!”

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